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Landscaping Austin Texas with Art!
Landscapin.Com Landscaping Austin Texas
The Best Landscaping Design in Austin Texas.
We are original and apply art to all we create, using mainly native plants and easy to
care landscaping.
We are unique in what we do, from miniature forests, to living walls, to Ecosferes
and Art on Land.
We can create murals for gardens, living mini landscaping, even miniature mountains
and lakes, forests or golf courses, all miniature, all living.
On 2014 we brought to Austin Texas a new way to landscape with cedar (Juniper
ashei) , since after all, there are so many and the tree was originally brought to Texas
as an ornamental tree. Without burning, without chipping, we use the lateral
branches of the tree to create natural fencing that will help the tree conserve the
soil, prevent erosion, and protect from some animals. After several acres handmade,
we have become experts! And we are the only ones in Austin Texas who do this type
of work.
Since 2011 we began a project of… What can you do with cedar in Austin Texas. (Visit
Arte.Land in Austin Texas) to find what we have come up with; several ideas that will
improve the beauty of your land, without killing any trees and minimal harm to the
land. We shape and design your land and garden to create beauty year round.
We design gardens with year round colors, naturally and without the use of
fertilizers. We create dimensions, we trim and shape trees to give the most space,
and points of views for the windows inside your home.
Welcome to landscapin.Com Austin Texas. We are as original and unique as our
Call us today for your garden design and garden and landscaping ideas.